Warding off migraine is sweet with  Brain Candy™

No one cares about apps. People care about plans and interactions. Follow your doctor's plan using only Google.

Easily manage your attacks.

Do not need another app for that. Only follow a plan guided by your doctor.

Get early interventions

Avoid missing an appointment for an update and save time anticipating preventive care

Quick entries and Evaluations

No more diaries. Let Google Assitant do the work to fill and sync information for your treatment.

Starting with Migraine Candy is easy!

Ask your Estonian Doctor during consult to be included in the Migraine Candy community and get access instant access to Google Assistant and G Suite (Gmail)

GP and Neurologist get Medical-grade data access to take better actions.

Sync EMR data (Clinical Summaries) into a secure compliant medical dashboard to revisit in secs your real-time events and behaviour.

Sync Abortive and Preventive early interventions  using Google Assistant.

Any doctor can create templates for workflows used from Chronic Migraine to tension type, including  learning resources and healthy living changes.

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